anointed with nature


Hi! My name is Miriam, I am a doTERRA wellness advocate. I have been using doTERRA for over three years now  and it is no secret that it has changed my life. I am a lover of life, a mummy to be and I enjoy nothing more than being around my family and my friends preferably outside with a nice cheese platter. I have a Bachelor of Paramedic Science and will be commencing work with South Australian Ambulance Service in early 2020. In the meantime awaiting the baby’s arrival I am sharing these oils around homes in Adelaide whilst deepening my knowledge about all things body and science as I go. Along with my busy weekday life I belong to an amazing local church called Victory; where I worship and serve. I believe I have been anointed by God to be a blessing to others through every avenue of my life; as a Mum to be, a Paramedic and as a doTERRA wellness advocate. These oils are truly Gods nature in a little bottle. I believe God anoints us all with a purpose and he gives us tools to carry it out, and that’s where I believe the oils entered my life.


I am passionate about health and wellbeing with a holistic view.

I am also passionate about helping you be the healthiest possible and equipping you with a toolbox for your whole family.